Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

3 Pieces Dress

I promised myself to wake up earlier and to sleep much more less. Indeed, I love to sleep and to wake up after minimum 8h of sleep. For some of you might be a lot but I was used to sleep as much as possible since I was a professional swimmer and being fresh and rested is extremely important.
But, lately I found that I need more hours to do what I want and what I must do. No sleep?! No problem!!
Today I want to show you my special outfit. I wanted to present it like this because it is entirely made by me. I really hope you`ll like it and also you know that I`m waiting for your impressions.
But it is special because it`s made out of 3 pieces that can be combined in different ways.
1. First of all is the combination that you can see in the pictures. You can either love or hate the fringes in this combination.
2. The second option is more simple and classic. The outfit without the fringe belt and you can choose to add other types of accessories :D
3. Remove the beige skirt and you`ll end up with a black mini dress and combine it with the fringe belt
4. Wear just the black dress with a tartan blouse around your waist
5. Keep the beige dress for a casual and hot day. Add the belt if you consider it to be too large.
6. Wear the beige dress as a midi skirt and combine it with crop tops.
These are some of the inspirations that just came into my mind that can be created with all these 3 pieces. For the record, since are my own creation, you can also order them together or separately on the desired colors and on your specific measures :D
I am really waiting for your impressions and wish you all a wonderful day.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
3 Pieces dress
Inia Lavin Sandals
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