Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

5 years of Bucharest Style and the end of 5 years of school :D

Yes indeed, the 2 events couldn`t match better than this. The Bucharest Style anniversary took place earlier this week and it was awesome to contribute and be right by their side. I love these 2 girls, Silvia & Raluca and if you didn`t had the chance to be there, see in these pictures what a cool event they managed to create.
Also 5 years of school. I feel so proud, but still exhausted :)) I am happy that I managed to take care of everything and as my mom always says: "Work hard, now when you`re young and you`ll have the world". A bit extreme but still extremely convincing and motivating ♥
I would like to tell you more but right now I have to get prepared: Is my love`s B-Day and I don`t really want to be late. Wish you all a wonderful summer because for me it has officially started today ♥
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Stefanel Jumpsuit
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots

Excuse my face :))) China style i guess ♥