"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Virginia Woolf

Every now and then I do try to take a break from my busy schedule to explore a new area of London and fill you guys in on all the trending spots from coffee shops, restaurants, architecture and hidden gems!

What is eating out in London if not an all-out extravaganza that must be experienced at least a dozen or so times? No place in the world knows brunch better than London, with an endless list of places to choose form. There are a few that definitely are a more Instagram worthy brunch than others. And let’s be honest, if you didn’t Instagram your brunch, then did you really brunch?

Harry’s Bar, an Italian restaurant and bar located at St Christopher’s Place between Oxford Street and Marylebone

Inspired by its sister restaurant, Harry’s Dolce Vita, Harry’s Bar brings something of a unique blend of traditional Italian dishes and signature weekend brunch.

The original Harry’s Bar was first opened by Mark Birley in 1979 and acquired by Caprice Holding’s boss Richard Caring just over a decade ago. This place gets my senses every time I step inside, it’s something melancholic about the cosy romantic setting with ambience music playing in the background. I just want to grab one of the signature cocktails, close my eyes and just listen to the music taking my memories back to Italy.

Open for breakfast right through to late night cocktails, this is the ideal place to grab a quick bite while shopping and enjoy a lazy lunch or dinner. Just around the corner from the Selfridges district of London, the old school charm with Italian flair mimics its Knightsbridge sibling with 1950s-style surroundings and a menu of Italian classics.

Everything here from the ambiance to the little details of the decor is too good… and very Insta-worthy! Can you guys tell?! As well as the amazing design and decor, this place offers some of the best brews in town.

An Italian take on brunch, with my favourite Eggs Benedict sharing a menu alongside Lobster Risotto and Pea and Mint Tortellini. The menu features ingredients sourced with special care and attention from Italian suppliers. Think handmade pasta, specially blended olive oil and vine-ripened tomatoes. With fresh and unfussy dishes including chargrilled fish and meats as well as speciality pizzas, Harry’s Bar also offers delightful desserts, a stunning wine list, and classic cocktails with a twist from the expert Harry’s Bar mixologists.

Stepping inside feels like you’ve accidentally stumbled into the set of the slightly more glamorous sequel to La Dolce Vita, with a space that radiates 50s Italianate style thanks to glossy wood-panelled walls, romantic low-lighting, and cosy banquette seating. It’ll therefore perhaps come as no surprise to learn that it was directly inspired by the original Harry’s Bar in Venice, famously the birthplace of the Bellini. The Bellini, one of Italy’s most famous cocktails, is made with sparkling white wine (Prosecco) and puree’d white peaches (succo di pesca). The well-loved drink was invented in Italy in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, head bartender and owner of perhaps the most famous bar in the world: Harry’s Bar, in Venice. The shade of pink of the Bellini reminded Cipriani of the colour of a saint’s toga in a painting by Giovanni Bellini, hence the name, "Bellini."

The drink became a seasonal specialty at Harry’s Bar, an institution since 1931 and a favourite of Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, Alfred Hitchcock, and Orson Welles. It later became popular in New York, after a French entrepreneur established a means for transporting white peach puree between Venice and New York.

Talk about plates with style! Each plate is a fashion statement in and of itself. Harry’s will steal your heart and your stomach. Here is a place you have to see to believe which makes it so Instagram worthy. You can’t go wrong with oak smoked salmon and some classic mini delicious pastries for brunch!

Lunch at Harry’s Dolce Vita, an Italian restaurant in the heart of Knightsbridge.

I hope that you guys found this post inspiring enough to plan a trip to Harry’s one weekend this summer. If you’re coming to London soon, then I hope you’ll make time to check this chic spot.