Absolutely! There is something erotic and kinky when you get to watch yourself have sex. But let me make something clear, making love and raw unadulterated sex are two different things.

For Valentine’s Day a few years back we were overseas and we stayed at a hotel that had a jacuzzi tub, and mirrors everywhere even in the ceiling. After kissing and drinking some wine I decided to try on some sexy dresses we bought early that day.

I was modeling for home and it drove him absolutely nuts. I was already wet and he grabbed me bent me over the bed, lifted my dress and slid his member deep inside me. He starting pounding my pussy while pulling my hair and I remember looking to the left at us in the mirror and I was like holy shit!

The image of him thrusting his penis inside me with sheer carnal lust was overwhelming; I cummed several times, which is why watching yourself can be a truly amazing experience.

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