The year was 2011. I remember it like it was yesterday. I met a female 2 years older than me on Tinder. She went through a divorce because her husbands parents didn't approve of her. They had 2 kids together. I don't recall her children's ages, I think it was 7 and 5.

Anyway we met up at my cousin's place. He was having a BBQ with a few friends. She was thick and beautiful. Some people think that thick and fat are the same thing. Kim Kardashian is thick. Melissa McCarthy is fat. My cousin and all his friends told me that she is beautiful and then asked me for her name. I told them that they can all talk to her when the BBQ is done and ready to eat. So I went back inside while they were busy flaming the steaks and having beers.

We ended up in my cousin's room. We got undressed and she sucked my dick. Her head game was amazing. Honestly I expected the sex to be like every other girl I slept with. She got wet from sucking me off. I knew she was cock hungry. After 3 minutes of non stop sucking, I put on a condom. As soon as I shoved my dick inside her pussy i felt like cuming. The absolute best pussy I ever had in my life. It was so intense that I told her that I love her. She looked at me and said that we only met about 20 minutes ago. You don't love me, you just enjoying my pussy. She wasn't wrong. I kept shoving my dick as deep as possible and moaning. Then I told her that I want to cum inside her pussy. She told me that I can if I want a child. I wasn't ready to be a dad. Then she said, how about you take off the condom and cum in my ass.

It was my first time experiencing anal sex with a female. I did what she said. She first got ontop and rode me to loosen up her anus. Then we laid sideways on the bed. Her back touching my chest. I slid my cock into her ass, grabbed her 34C cup tits and fucked her slowly. Then shot a warm load of sperm into her ass. The session lasted about 45 minutes. I took a shower and went back to the room. She sucked my dick again. Her saliva ran down my shaft and dripped down my balls onto the flaw. She took wet wipes to clean the sperm leaking from her ass. I went back inside her pussy and fucked her until she came. Her legs were shaking like crazy. Then I told her to suck my dick again. I shot that load into her mouth. She swallowed and asked if that's her reward for being a good girl. I said yes. We both laughed about it.

Then we got dressed and went to eat with the rest of the guys. After that she went home. I never saw her again.

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