I had an opportunity to work in Japan for 3 months. I had been there about 2 and attended a barbecue on a Saturday to watch the Cherry Blossoms on a river bank.

I was with my work colleagues and their partners and kids. It was great.

I started talking with 3 women who were together by themselves and it got very friendly with an abundance of Sake. The four of us ended up at my hotels suite.

I made out with 2 of them then the third stripped her clothes off and displayed her willingness for sex.

I obliged willingly and quite frankly fucked the crap out of her , one of the others joined in and also had a ride on my Dick. The third was masturbating and watching the action up real close .

I came about 3 times , the last one on the face of all three of them.

I slept , they left !

I found out on the Monday I had just banged 3 yakusa girlfriends .

fortunately I left soon after !

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