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In short, yes I've had sex with a guy who had a little penis.

This is when & how it happened…

This might be a long read, as I intend to be as detailed as possible.

It was when I was in my 12th grade. We had recently shifted to a rented apartment, as our building was suppose to go for redevelopment. Since our building was quite old most of the apartment owners, including us, vacanted the as soon as the deal was signed with the redeveloper, for safety purposes. However we were yet to handover our apartments to the redeveloper post final paperwork.

I would usually spend time at our old apartment with my friends, specially on weekends, when we would watch movies over smokes and drinks. Sometimes when I would hangout only with my female friends, we would spend almost entire night applying makeup and clicking selfies. It was a hub for all the get togethers planned. There were days when I would be alone, and I would spend time watching movies, scrolling through social media, sleeping, smoking & drinking. However I would avoid spending time alone at that apartment during night.

It was once when I had a long weekend (festival followed by a weekend), when this happened. I was exhausted by the end of second day, as we had lots of guests at our place. I wanted to spend some time with my friends. But unfortunately most of them were either out of station or were occupied with guests at their house. On the third day, which was a Saturday, I went to our old apartment in the evening, as I was bored to the core. I ordered pizza, watched movies on my laptop while having pizza, had vodka and at night was chatting with random guys on Yahoo messenger after watching some porn.

My chat with this particular guy went on for rest of the night, as I literally had nothing else to do. At a point we were video chatting for a while. As we approached morning, while we were saying our goodbyes, he casually said that if at all it is possible he would like to meet someday. I instantly replied that we could meet during afternoon. We decided to meet around 3 at my old apartment.

At 2 he pinged me on Yahoo messenger to inform me that he is about to leave and would appreciate if we exchanged numbers so that he can coordinate in case he finds it difficult to find my place. We exchanged numbers and he left from his place. He would take approximately 1 hour to 1 and half hours to reach my place.

I took a quick shower. Dug out a short and sleeveless top from the wardrobe and I was ready. I still had almost 45 minutes to myself. That's when my eyes fell upon the makeup kit. I thought to myself, why not apply makeup and put on some cute outfit. As far as outfit was concerned, the only cute thing was a pink off shoulder top and a knee length white skirt. I wore a black satin panties; since I did not have strapless bra at my disposal, I had no option but to skip the bra. I tied up my waist length wavy black hair with blond highlights into a bun, after wearing the skirt and top. Now it was time for my favorite part, applying makeup. After basic coats on my face, I applied red and black eyeshadow to give a smokey effect, followed by glossy pink lipstick and blush as a final touch. Just when I was done, I received a message on my phone, which said that he will reach my place in next 10 minutes. I quickly gathered everything and kept it in my wardrobe and settled in next room where I had my laptop. I was watching random videos of Russell Peter, that's when he messaged me that he has reached. I immediately called him and guided him to my apartment.

I opened the door, and there he was. He looked nothing less then a Teddy Bear wearing a white tee, a pair of denims and holding a box of chocolates in one hand and a bottle of wine in another. We exchanged smile while o was opening the safety door. While he was stepping in he complimented me on my looks. After shutting the door he raised his arm wide open while still holding the box of chocolates and wine and asked if he could get a hug. It sure was as good as hugging a soft mushy Teddy bear. We proceeded to the room where I had my laptop and made ourself comfortable on the couch (a sofa cum bed). He gave me the box of chocolates and the bottle of wine. We spent about an hour talking about usual stuff, when we found that we both were equally in love with Russell Peter's stand-up comedy. We watched few videos on YouTube for an hour or so, while we had wine and I smoked. We were still talking about Russell Peter's jokes when I asked if he was will to play truth or dare.

The game began with truths initially and as the time passed every now and then either of us would choose dare. As the time passed the questions of truths became personal and the act of dare became weird yet funny. We were quite comfortable with each other by now. When it was my turn to ask him a truth question, I asked him if he shaves his private area or trims it down. To which he replied he likes to keep it clean by shaving it off. Next I picked truth, when he asked what color undergarments was I wearing; to which I replied “only a black pantie”. His eyes were wide and in a funny tone he said “Really ? What about bra?” I said “I ain't wearing one”. The next question to him was what kind of underwear was he wearing? He replied that he prefers to wear breafs with strap. Next I picked dare, when he asked me to let him know if I'm not comfortable, if so he would change the dare. I smiled and agreed. He asked me to show him my panties. To which for a moment I had a poker face, looking at which he immediately started apologizing. I laughed for a moment and asked him to calm down. I thought to myself, as it is I was not sure if we were gonna be in touch and also we had no common contacts to whom he would go and tell about this, why to spoil the game? Rather let's enjoy the moment. I stood up in from of him and raised my skirt, exposing my satin black panties with a tiny red bow in middle, right below the elastic band. His eyes were wide and had a crazy smile on his face. I removed my hand and let the skirt flow down to cover the uncovered, and settled down on the couch again. Next he picked truth, to which I asked him how good of a kisser he considers himself to be. To which he replied that he was told he was pretty good kisser. By now we were touching each other, of course in a non sexual way. Next I picked truth, to which he asked me the color of my nipples. I laughed and said they were light brown. He instantly said in a funny tone “Wow, I wish I could see them”. I shook it off.

Next he picked dare to which after gulping down the wine in my glass I asked him to show me how good of a kisser he is. At first he thought I was mocking him, but then after confirming that was what I really meant, he proceeded with it. He moved closer to me while I was resting my head on the back rest and placed few kisses on my lips, to which I reciprocated. He softly sucked on my lips, which got intense in no time. He held my face while we were kissing each other deeply and playing with our tongues. I raised my hand and untied my bun, allowing my hair to flow down. In the mean while he slides his hand on my neck and then slightly on the nape of my neck. By then we both were intensely kissing each other, while I slide my hand on his head, grabbed his hairs and was pulling him closer. At a point his hand was sliding slowly from my neck to my breast. I could feel my hard nipples rubbing softly with the soft fabric of my top. He slides his hand in between my breasts thought my top, trying to feel my cleavage. I released his lips from the grip of mine and pushed his face to my neck. He kissed my neck after biting it with his lips, which gave me goosebumps all over my body. While he continued kissing my neck and my bare chest above the off shoulder top, he grabbed my left breast, and I released a soft moan unknowingly. He continued fondling with my breasts while he kissed me and licked my neck. He moved down a bit and buried his face in my breasts through my top and continued kissing while pulling me closer to him. By now I could feel myself moist inside my panties. I slowly pulled down my top while he was still kissing my breasts. Once my breasts were exposed, he suddenly stopped and had his eyes glued on my breasts while he was softly rubbing both my nipples with his thumbs, which sent jolts of electricity throughout me. Our eyes met and we exchanged smile after which he softly licked my nipples one after another which turned into intense sucking of nipples while he kept fondling my breasts in no time. I was moaning with each breathe. I pulled him through his hairs and proceeded to remove his tee, he immediately removed it exposing his hairy chest. Without giving him a moment I kissed his neck and gradually moved to his chest and sucked on his nipples. Slowly I started gliding my hand to his pants and to his zipper. I could feel he was hard. Just when I was about to unzip his zipper, he stopped me, and said “ let's not do that”, upon asking him the reason he simply said “Just…” after pushing him a big he confessed “I have abnormally small penis… Please don't laugh on me”. I kissed him on his cheeks and asked him to calm down as it was nothing to be ashamed of. He immediately pulled me closer and started kissing my lips. I unzipped his zipper, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his pants down. I pulled his head back with his hairs and started kissing his neck slowly sliding to his hairy chest and belly. I kissed his bonner through his underwear for a while and got up. I gestured him to remove his underwear while I tied my hairs into a pony with the rubber band on my wrist. Once I was done with my hairs I turned back to him and saw his small hard dick, thriving to be eased. I grabbed it with my hand and kissed him while I jerked him softly. I whispered in his ear “don't think much, relax”. I kissed his tool and licked it from bottom to top a few times; Wapped my pink lips around his tool and pulled back his foreskin with my lips, to which he called my name while he releasing a soft moan. I could fit his entire dick in my mouth. I took it all in and rolled my tongue on its head. He wrapped my pony tail on his palm and pulled me through my hairs. He began fucking my mouth while he tightened his grip on my pony tail. Soon his moans became louder and he said that he was about to cum. I immediately took his entire dick in my mouth while he released jets of thick warm cum in my mouth. Once he was done, he released his grip on my pony tail. I slid my lips from bottom to head of his now almost soft dick trying my best not to spill a drop of his cum. Once I released his dick from the soft grip of my lips, he demanded to see the cum in my mouth. I got off the couch, kneeled in front of him and opened my mouth while looking at the ceiling. He slowly patted my left cheek. I closed my mouth and gulped down his warm, thick and sticky cum.

We sat necked in each other's arms for next 30–40 mins when he couldn't stop expressing how good I made him feel.

This was the first and last sexual encounter with him; after which we met a few times until he moved to another city.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Once again I'm sorry for the long post, as I did not wish to let go on any details.

Stay high :*

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