I had an ex who was a big fan of morning sex, which was awesome because i like sex, like all the times when im dating someone, but this morning i wanted to play hard to get, so i was being a complete cock tease through the afternoon, he had caught on to what i was doing and was down to make me give it up, so we go out run some errands, the whole me trying to secretly tease him while we are out in public, we are walking back to his car and he just stops grabs my ass and just starts kissing me in a way that made me insta wet and by that time i couldnt hold back anymore, i wanted it, we see a public restroom right by us so, and we are kinda like, fuck it lets do something adventurous, so we go in, and no time wasted, he has me bent over the sink and we are going at it, well i guess in the heat of the moment, we didnt think to lock the door, luckily i had my head turned towards the door and notice it starting to open, i immediately shout "sorry someone is in here!" and hear a lady say "oh im sorry", and the door close again, we stop, and exist the bathroom a little embarrassed, feeling the walk of shame, the lady just stares at us with a "omg i know what sins you guys were committing in there" face, we have a good laugh about it, and were happy she didn't completely walk in on us.

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