Best experiences? Well, maybe sexual feelings. Yes they were. Really, amazingly much. I translate! The first time I felt was when daddy's penis attacked my hymen. I wanted it the most in the world to do it with him first. He was and is a wonderful man. Actually, he wasn't doing anything to have sex with me! it was me that wanted it and even desired it. I provoked the situation in the bathroom. My slim figure with big tits appeared to him after the towel fell down. He was just coming out of the tub. he was stunned by the impression. He had long seen I looked at his crotch. His "men's club" stood proudly to attention. He turned terribly red. I stood and stared in awe at his love pole. I stretched out my hand and hesitantly touched his stiff and hard instrument. Daddy shivered and began to gasp. Well, I haven't done anything yet. I myself was afraid of his, for that time, terribly thick and incredibly long penis. My eyes grew foggy. My hands and feet were trembling. I wanted and I was afraid. Then daddy said: Aniusia, we can't do this! Though his eyes said quite differently. Finally, he couldn't stand it and his lips pressed wildly against my large, for 14-year-old, breasts. I groaned hard. With time, I felt more and more delight. I didn't know my breasts were so sensitive. On top of that, my cunt was getting wet. That's when I found out for the first time that she would squirt when I'm aroused. Papa squeezed, kneaded, sucked and stroked the skin of her breasts and nipples. I felt my tits harden, stiffen and want to be bigger. Time and time again I moaned softly or louder. Over time, I was breathing louder and louder. Low moans, then loud groans. I was stunned. I was losing my awareness. I was as though drunk. Freak bliss poured over my body. Then the king of darkness took my light for longer.I didn't know, because how was I supposed to know that I had experienced a very strong, multiple nipple orgasm the first time. I was unconsciously intoxicated with happiness hormones. My blurry eyes discovered that I was lying on my sheets. I knew we had intercourse. I saw in my eyes that he was like a wild, full of excitement dad and he had been inside me for some time. I was still faint from the pleasures of the flesh. He was leaving quickly and entering my cave even faster. I felt the madness of happiness of wild, crazy bliss. My head was twisting, my mouth was gasping for air, and I gasped with cosmic excitement. Like a wild, insatiable cat, I shouted to my father: more, more, please, faster, please, faster, yes, yes, yes, ah, ah, gosh, I'm going crazy! Soon it was all over. My dad was pushing his thick, hard spars at the speed of the fast train! Now he howled and grunted with excitement.Immediately after that, he took out his penis and rubbed it quickly. Streams of his semen flooded my womb, hips, breasts and tits. It was a stream of his wild excitement about me. I licked its liquid with curiosity and great relish. I never did, but his sperm ended up on my face and his 14-year-old daughter's still choppy balloons, who happily thought: I don't even know when my membrane burst under the pressure of daddy's vagina screamed: I'm no longer a virgin! It's so hastily, I have ineptly described my first time when a man caressed my breasts and entered my vagina with his penis! It was a stunning body and brain feeling !!! I am asking you to pass my photos to your sons and grandchildren, so that they may minimize their pain of not touching a woman!

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