During foreplay, if anything, go slower and gentler than you think you should. Girls will find it more comfortable to say 'faster/harder' than 'stop it/slow down, you’re hurting me'.

I'd say 8/10 guys will overcompensate how rough or hard they think they should be.

This is going to depend somewhat on the girl, but for me, and I know I'm not alone…

We don't always have to finish. Sometimes it's just not going to happen. Obviously you shouldn't give up if the girl wants you to keep going, but also, don't get upset if she tells you it's not going to happen.

Don't take it as a personal failure. That just makes us feel pressured and less in the mood. I can still enjoy sex just from seeing you have fun, and even if I don't orgasm, it still feels good.

Sex for me is much, much more about emotions and spending intimate time with my partner rather than a specific physical feeling that I can just as well give myself if I'm ever desperate for it.

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