Absolutely, some much more than others . I have found what feels the best is a pussy that’s been stretched out out and sloppy wet, with strong vaginal mussels. You can pound it it forever but when she’s ready she grips your cock and squeezes it until you both cum to an intense orgasmic end.
One girl I know can isolate the mussels and “milk” your cock. And this after you’ve given her a long hard fisting to where her vagina lays wide open.
you’d think that you couldn’t even feel anything in her huge sloppy mess. it’s so loose my cock “flops” around in this huge void, feeling Lucky to make contact with a wall now and then. I like it best when she slowly starts to tighten up until my whole cock is making contact, I can feel her cervix pushing on the head. Then the ““milking” starts and she starts to shake and you feel a huge gush all through her pussy running down my balls and ass. Make me blow instantly!

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