I had been doing anal sex wrong for years before I finally learned myself how to properly prepare for and receive a hard cock in my asshole. Now that I learned the proper way to do anal, it feels so amazing and nasty at the same time.

I love that my ass stretches to accommodate a large, hard cock or two inside of it. When I'm being ass-fucked, I relax, take it deep, and I feel my pussy also tingling as the cock rams into my asshole. I learned how to also have an anal orgasm. It feels like the woman is being violated hard and it's a primal, feral type of orgasm that also sets off a vaginal orgasm.

Anal sex is great because the female can get off in her pussy and ass simultaneously. I play with my pussy or use toys while my man fucks me in the ass and I cum so hard that I almost cant believe it. As long as lube is used, whether purchased or just using juices from your own pussy, anal shouldnt hurt. Anal sex is something I crave and beg for on occasion. I like the more primal, violated feeling it brings me and the way it also stimulates my pussy. I like to take pics of my opened up asshole as we go to see how big it can open. It always goes back to size a day or two later. I think every woman should experience anal properly because it doesnt hurt when done correctly, and it can give you an extreme amount of pleasure with a variety of options and positions as well.

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