Female here. I love anal play. Definitely a different feeling than vaginal sex. It's a lot easier to get that "filled up" feeling, especially if the guy has a smaller penis. I have a small ass (you can see it in my profile). So It tends to take a couple of tries before it starts to feel really good. Very hard to explain, but basically, it's just a really smooth, soft, warm feeling as the penis thrusts in and out. We have a female prostate that it stimulates as well as it stretching out our perineum, which feels fucking amazing. Plus you or your partner can then reach around and either stimulate your clit or insert a sex toy into your vagina so you can stimulate your g-spot and get double penetration. By far my strongest orgasms occur when I have a penis up my ass, a toy in my vagina and my clit being stimulated. Every genital-based erogenous zone is being stimulated and it's pure ecstasy.

Since my first anal experience, I always loved it but I never managed to reach orgasm. I already have a really hard time cumming during PIV! F

On the first night, we hadn't talked about anal, but he did "slip" his tongue down while eating me out. He was such a tease. Sometimes, he would rub his fingers softly around my anus. The built-up alone turned me on so much.

We met up the following night again, and it finally happened. He ate my ass like no one ever did. I couldn't stop trembling and moaning. I was bent over on my knees, while he ate me from behind. He had one hand holding me down, and the other fingering my dripping pussy. He swirled his tongue around my anus, while occasionally pushing it inside.

He then fucked me doggy style, and his cock felt perfect in my ass. He was the perfect width and length for anal. I was losing my mind because of much pleasure he was giving me. Then, he wanted me to ride him. It was my first time being on top during anal, it was a total different feeling! His cock was completely inside my ass, hitting every sweet spot I didn't know I had. My upper body was slightly leaning back, while my hips were grinding on him.

There was something unbelievably sexy about me, being a tiny girl, taking over a strong, athletic man. As I was rolling my hips back and forth, I felt a huge rush hitting me. For an instant, there was not even a sound coming out of my mouth because of how intense it was. Next thing I know, I was having an anal orgasm while sitting on his hard dick. It was my first time cumming without clit stimulation too.

That was an incredible night for me. I felt so vulnerable and insanely turned on by this man. I had the best orgasms of my life. Shortly after that one, I came two times through PIV.

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