I was a 17 year old boy and we were staying with my cousin who lived in a different state. He was the same age as me and we were pretty close. He was more advanced as far as sexual things and was always trying to get me to talk to girls and date.

I remember going with my uncle and him to a neighboring town to see some relatives I had only met once. Well, one of the relatives was a 16 year old girl, a distant cousin. She was very fast and took an interest in me. She seemed disappointed when she found out we were cousins, but quickly introduced me to her friend who was really cute, to me.

Well, my uncle was very loquacious and got to talking and carrying on into the night. He told us we would probably be staying and we said “fine”. He promised a big breakfast in the morning. My cousin said that we didn’t have any room in the guest area. It was filled with clothes. So we went into my female cousin’s room and all just watched TV on her bed until early in the morning. I really hit it off with her friend who was like a month younger than me. We kept talking after my cousins fell asleep.

She said, “Well, I think I am going to go to sleep, then went into the adjoining bathroom. I had to use it as well, so after awhile, I asked here if I could. She said she wasn’t doing anything private. I came in and she was sitting on the toilet. She laughed at me.

I told her I could come back later but she said she was done. She got up and washed her hands. She stood there while I used the restroom. I had gotten bold so I just unzipped my pants, whipped it out, and peed. My dick was pretty big and I noticed her watching out of the side of her eye. She then turned and said, “Wow! You are huge!” I smiled and just took a wash cloth and washed it off.

She looked at me curiously. I brushed my teeth and went back to lie down. She stayed in longer and I watched as she took another wash cloth and pulled up her short skirt and cleaned her private area. I noticed she was shaved.

I took off my pants and slipped under the covers next to my female cousin. Shortly the girl came out of the bathroom and lied down beside me. She asked me why I was under the covers. I said the air conditioning was too strong. She agreed and got under the covers with me.

After awhile she turned to me and we talked. Then she leaned on my shoulder and put her hands underneath my shirt, on my chest. I thought we would fall asleep like that, but she had other ideas. As soon as I was dozing off, she slid her hand from my chest to my torso.

I stiffened in my lower regions. She rubbed around on my torso for a while and I began to get hard. She kept rubbing. I finally had to pull my boxers away from my aching member. She moved her hand down further and slipped past my cock to my nuts. her cold hands made me jolt. I turned to look at her in the dim light coming from the bathroom but her face was stoic.

She moved her hand up my scrotum and shaft to the very tip, then began stroking me. I was in perfect bliss. She moved from my balls to my cock, licking me and stirring up a raging fire in my loins. I could have had an orgasm just by her licking me like an ice cream cone from my balls up my shaft, to my tip. Suddenly she took off her top revealing a baby blue bra. We began kissing and groping each other. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off. It dropped to the floor as she moved my head close to her breasts. I kissed and sucked each nipple which was a dark pink. They responded by perking up. When I was ready to move to other areas, they pointed like steeples to the ceiling. Her eyes were distant.

I moved down to her skirt but she touched my hand. She looked directly at me and said, “I want to blow you.” Without a sound, she moved over to my member and took it in her mouth. She sucked and licked every part of my private area—my tip, shaft, nuts, everything. She even spent time on my groin. I was ready to cum, but made her stop because my cousins both had started to stir.

She got up and lied at the foot of the bed. She came up between my legs and licked my nuts for a while. She stopped to ask if I liked it. I said that I did. Then I reached down and pulled her up on top of me. I put my finger on her crotch. She pulled her panties away and I fingered her. She gasped. I turned her over and got on top of her. We kissed as I was fingering her. Then I moved down to her skirt and lifted it up. It smelled like she had been outside. That was where we had spent most of the day.

I pulled her panties off and began licking her shaved lips, which smelled of Dove soap. As i was licking her, she jumped. She wriggled around. I held her down while I began eating her out. She started gasping as if she had asthma. I looked up at her face and I could see a look of frustration and desire on it. I stopped. She pushed my head back down forcefully and I licked her as well as I could. She almost smothered me with the force of her hand pushing me down on her clitoris. I made her cum and she cried out.

Surprisingly, neither of my cousins woke up. We were all on the bed together. She pushed me away because it was too sensitive. We collected ourselves. I helped her put her bra back on. And she and I went to sleep.

We were embarrassed when our cousins woke us up. She was still in her bra and we were holding each other. My male cousin wanted to know every juicy detail. I told him that she loved being a snack. He died laughing. The cousin’s friend who I ate out, never did hit it off with me. We just lived too far away. But we did talk and we ended up doing the dirty one more time the next year. We did a 69 and we both ended up cumming, but not at the same time. She came first then I came, with a powerful orgasm that had her struggling to swallow all my stuff. We were in my female cousin’s bed again and we didn’t want to make a mess.

She is married now and we never talk about that time, but sometimes when we get together, there will be winks, smiles, and inside jokes.

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