I’m a bisexual woman in her 40s, married to a man for 15+ years, and this year I have started having sex with another woman. She is a year older than me and always considered herself to be straight. She had only ever kissed another woman sexually, and that was as a teenager. Dating and marrying a very religious man had her suppress those urges without experimenting on them, until she did this year.

That woman is my sister.

And she found out something about girl-girl sex that we all know fairly well. Owning the equipment means that you know how to use it. Most men take their cues for licking pussy from porn, and it doesn’t serve them very well at all. They don’t realize that porn is a performance, and even most “how to” videos for porn are not realistic lessons but entertainment. Very few women in porn videos have the level of orgasm that we typically enjoy in non-performance sex, and you can see it sometimes when women have those toe-curling, eye-rolling, body-spasming moments. If my female partner is relaxed, I can bring her to that every single time.

I enjoy it because I like the taste, smell and texture of a pussy. I am very visually stimulated for a woman - I like watching porn and I especially like seeing things up close. When I had my first threesome, my face was right down there, watching the guy’s cock sliding in and out of my friend, stretching her out and making her moan like crazy. I also enjoy giving pleasure - I feel proud of making my lovers (male or female) enjoy themselves. I can’t tell anyone really about that publicly, but I like making my husband cum. And now, my sister.

And yes, my husband knows about it because my sister has sex with him too. All of us together. My sister had a messy divorce and deserves to be loved too. My husband won’t leave me and he is up to the challenge of pleasing two women - with my help of course.

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