I am a male and I am going to share my experience when I first licked the pussy of my gf. I started with gentle kissing over her lips and bit them softly. And then, I pulled over her top to reveal her breasts in her bra. I squeezed them and then without unhooking the bra, I lifted it slightly to expose her boobs. I kissed, licked and sucked them, her nipples got erect. I found my way down to her navel and put my mouth on work there. That's the usual we used to do whenever we would meet. She never allowed me to go down. But on that day, she was quite aroused and moaning heavily. While I was licking her navel, I started rubbing her pelvic area over her pyjamas. It made her more horny. And then, I just pulled down the pyjamas along with her panties. She shivered but didn't object. I got the clue and rubbed her naked vagina. She was really wet. I couldn't stop and licked her pelvic and then slowly made my way to her pussy. First, I kissed it, it smelt good. And then I started licking it as if I owned it. I spent around 3–4 minutes licking her pussy. It was my first experience and her's as well. She held my head tight between her thighs and enjoyed the moment. Her fluids were flowing and I really liked the taste. We ended up having passionate sex.

Next day, she called me and said, “Aap bde gande ho- you are really very bad'. I laughed and asked her whether she enjoyed the licking of her pussy. She told me she enjoyed it a lot and wanted to do it again. At the same time, she wondered what pleasure did I got out of licking her. I just smiled and told her when she would suck mine, she would automatically come to know.

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