Again, this is my bf’s acc. I didn’t know his tongue was in my vagina at first, but it was nice.

We were 9, and just a few weeks back, we had sex, so when we had a sleep over at my house, my parents were out again for work, and would come back very late.

So by then we knew each others private spots, and we were fine with it.

It was late in the night, and we were gonna sleep. I usually slept naked, but he didn’t, i made him try it for the first time. We slept together naked, and i loved it.

The first touch from him surprised me, it was at my belly, and i pressed him against me, since we did know what happened. His dick was just below my vagina, and it was touching. By then, my breasts were inflating a bit, so my nipples were digging into his chest. My arms were around him, and i was licking his lips, and his chest.

Then we were like that, until he went below me. Then something wet touched my vagina, i thought it was his finger, so i put my legs around him. Then i realised it was his tongue. Like last time, i lost all senses and we moved so i was holding his dick, and he was licking my vagina. And i loved it. After this, he slept on my waist, his lips on my vagina lips.

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