Going anon.

I was playing T or D with my friends when someone suddenly gave me the dare to strip. I stripped only to my underwear. My friends were disappointed. We were 4 in total. 2 of them grabbed me and removed my clothes completely. I hid myself with hands, but they pulled my hands back.

One of my friends gave and idea of the “Eat it or wear it” game. She bought 8 bags, 2 items for each. They cheated. The friend who bought it knew what was in which bag. She told me to keep on picking chits until I didn’t get what she wanted me to get.

As per as I remember there were these items

  1. Wasabi
  2. Red chillies
  3. Garlic cloves
  4. Mustard sauce
  5. Ketchup
  6. Pickles
  7. Onions (chopped)
  8. Water (useless tho)

I opened my bag and there….chillies. She was happy for it. I refused to eat them. She took them and started chopping them. I was confused. She told the others to pin me down…with my legs wide open…I screamed but I was weak. She rubbed the chillies on my pussy really hard. It was burning as if it was on fire.

Next time I got the water…but she took my chit and put it back…she would repeat it again and again…until I got wasabi. I said this is unfair….but she said, “Ok, wear it then” with a wicked smile.

I screamed and begged her to not do it…..but she did it. She put some wasabi on her hands and rubbed it all over her palms (like lotion) and put it on my pussy again, which was already burning like hell.

It burnt badly as if it had been struck by lightning (lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun)

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