Yes, fortunately! It was a great experience sexually!

In 2016 we went to the USA for a family tour with husband and daughter. We booked hotel in New York City. Since we traveled a lot, i became tired, so i took rest. My husband and daughter went outside the hotel to have a glance the sea beach. I was alone, went to bathroom for a warm bath. I didn't notice that they left the door open. I put off my clothes and started bathing. Suddenly a cleaner came inside the room. I was totally naked, bathing spontaneously. I was shocked looking someone coming. I got myself covered quickly. The cleaner was so embarrassed, he kept saying sorry. But I could literally see his penis down there. It was getting bigger. He apologized and left the room.

He was a 20–24 years old guy, he was a white American, more than 6 feet tall. He was not a mascular guy, but a decent figure. I thought, why shouldn't I give a try.

The next day, Husband and daughter went to the beach. I convinced them saying I have back pain and they left the hotel. I called the management through the intercom and fetched the cleaner for cleaning purpose. He knocked, I let him come in. Then I told him to clean me. He was in shock, it took some time for him to understand my sign. The he understood and we started kissing. He fondled me for a couple of minutes, then we got undressed and had sex! We talked about each other while having sex. He had sex several times with her girlfriend, so he knew what to do. When he pulled down his pants, his penis was like 7-8 inch long, but so fat!! I will never forget, it was the fattest penis i ever took! When he tried to put that inside me, I was like a virgin comparing to him. He also said mine was the tightest vagina he ever got. It took time for me to take the full size inside me. He did it for 10 minutes nonstop. Then change of position, then again for 5 minutes, I came quite a few times, 4–5 times. I was so tired i couldn't take it anymore. Then I said to finish it, he was very polite. He stopped and i finished him with my hands.

It was one of the best experiences I ever had.

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