I’d never thought I would get the best sex of my 5 year married life during the ongoing Covid lockdown.

My wife had always been very cold towards sex. She would do it with me very reluctantly, as if she was just doing her wifely duties. Initially, we used to have sex with me using a condom, but later on when I insisted on having a baby, I stopped using a condom. Little did I know she would start taking the pill.

Lately, I had seen a change in her. I noticed that she had stopped using the pill. She was still not open to the discussion about starting a family, but wanted to continue sex with me the usual way. It was disappointing, but I felt that something is changing in our relationship. And somehow, from her attitude towards me, I felt some good positive vibes.

This one night, when we got into bed, I got close to her. Kissing and fondling, I started playing with her boobs. Gently and slowly, we took our clothes off. I lay her down and got on top of her. I started kissing her from top to bottom. I kissed her all over her forehead, ear lobes, neck, down to her breasts and nipples. While playing with her nipples, I put one finger inside her hairy pussy. I was surprised. She was wet… extremely wet. I had never felt her so wet before.

I put two fingers in her pussy and started playing with her clit. Turning around, I did 69. She doesn’t generally suck me but this day she did. This was another surprise. She was making a conscious effort to make me hard and keep me hard. I licked her pussy and tasted her pussy juices. She moaned gently. I kept on doing it for some time.

I then turned around and opened her legs. I placed my dick on top of her pussy and gently bent myself to kiss her. While kissing, I entered her. For the first time in my life, I found the entry to be easy. I began fucking her. She was moaning. we fucked for a good few minutes before I sensed my cum taking over. She must’ve felt it too, as my cock got super hard inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and tried to push me deep. While doing so, I saw from her face that she too was having an orgasm. Her orgasm was literally squeezing my dick and in no time, I came hard inside her.

It must’ve lasted only about half hour or so, but it was the best sex I have ever had. She was also smiling cheek to cheek. We lay there for a while, sweating and panting and kissing.

Few days later she announced that she is pregnant. We will welcome our first child later this year.

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