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What was your night wear that made your husband go "Wow!"?

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A few years after our marriage when we were passing a apparel shop my husband saw some nightwear and showed it to me saying it was nice and asked me why I didn't try wearing such things.

Our financial condition was not very good in those days and we were still paying off loans taken by my husband for his and his sisters marriage.

Moreover I did not have the habit of changing into nightwear, because that would be additional clothes to wash and I did not have a maid or washing machine at that time. I slept in the same salwar/churidhar that I wore during the day.

After that whenever we watched serials or movies on TV and the leading lady wore silk nightie or lingerie or whatever I would observe closely and see what type it was. Because my husband would always say see see it's so pretty.

So I planned to save money every month and buy one silk nightie and surprise my husband one day.

After saving for a few months I had enough to buy one. I went to the shops and after much deliberation brought one which was sleeveless inside but had a silk nightgown type covering. I paid around Rs 250/- for it.

This one

One night after my son had gone to sleep, I wore it for my hubby and he was like “WOW” you look so s…. .

After that I wore it quite a few times. Later on I found it tiresome to get up early in the morning and change it to something respectable while answering the doorbell to the milkman and stopped wearing it.

But I have still kept it as a memento of the early years of our marriage. It is my first and last nightwear.

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