Yes, with my mother. Since i was 15, she was 33, we have for the last 10 years. Some will find it wierd some wont. We enjoy it, and its only between us and one of my friends who has had a threesome with us several times. It started when my dad and brother were gone for 3 days on a fishing trip. In the evening we were chatting and my mum started talking about sex and protection that im at that age. So i told her that i have had sex twice and both times around her age. And that i liked mom and son things, i asked if that is normal. She was fine and said thats normal. So i started to tell her that i fantasize about fucking with her. She said thats fine, then i told her how i wanked when i heard her and dad having sex and when she was sunbathing once naked om the roof. Right after that she asked how big my dick was erect. I was hard at this point and told her 7 inches. She was very impressed. And admited she was turned on. I stood up and said i was very hard and pulled my pnts down. She looked and said i had a nice cock, and after about a miute she said go on then lets try. I stood in front of her and she started to stroke my cock, mmmm it was so good, she spat on it and wanked a little fster, she said who thought that it wouldnt be wierd. She stopped to take her top of and then started to lick my cock and balls. Then started sucking. So good, and so ntural, i was moaning she was aswell, 5 minutes and she stopped and said that she had never felt so horny amd then carried on. You can imagine the rest, i cummed 6 times, my mother tells me she did once, but that was the first time. The next day didnt feel wierd or anything, we said just inbetween us and fucked again, we probably fuck regularly 2–3 times a week. I dont think its incest beause we just enjoy fucking, we fuck like animals and its so hot. The first year we fucked alot, 1–2 everydy, in the car when she picked me up and usually on dog walks. Then at 16 i found job and moved so we decided to do it less. Now we usually fuck at mine, still as hot as the first time, we do experi,ent now alot, mainly threesomes wich are fun, i am bi so:) we have been havig more 3somes for the last 3 years. I have to be anonymous just incase, otherwise i would love to chat with people about it. We even record for ourselves and for guys that come for 3somes to watch. Most people will think its wierd but if you have the urge to try go for it. It doesnt distrub any relationship ive had, doesnt feel wierd at all, we are just like mother nd son around people and not even pretending. Its like we dont fuck, just when we write or call and say were going t do it, mmmmm that moment i just cnt wait. Otherwise dont even think about it. If anyone interested just leave a commet:) ;)

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