I am Nisha, an Indian housewife. I have many sexual experiences outside my marriage relationship. My husband is very comfortable with this because he has cuckold fantasy. I also have a fantacy to sex with strangers. I don't indulge in sex activities with persons whom I know. Now I tell one erotic incident with my sister-in-law (nanad). She is dhruv's real elder sister. Once she came to our home to spend some days with us. Actually it was a plan of her to spend sometime with me. Her husband is not like my husband. Her husband is very conservative in thinking so when she wants some freedom she visits us. We together enjoy a lot. We go to night clubs and many other places in sexy dresses and have lots of fun like friends. Now I tell one incident of sex. Once both of us was doing video chat on Omegle. Dhruv was out of town. So during chat both of us performed many body exposure in front of strangers. Suddenly she feels very erotic and starts touching my body. Both of us are not lesbian but still we were feeling very erotic. So I ask her does she need sex. She replies in YES. So I call a boy who lives nearby to our society. He delivers milk and curd to our home. He is very young and I had tried him few times. So I call him and ask him to deliver 2 cup of curds. It was 10 o' clock at night. He gets my hint and he replies that it will be only one cup of curd. I say it's okay come with only one cup, I will adjust in it. So after 10 minutes he comes. Dhruv's sister opens the door for him. He comes inside. I tell him to remove his clothes and get fresh. He removes his clothes and as soon as he put off his underwear dhruv's sister comes and starts to suck his penis madly. Few minutes later he releases his cum in her mouth. She eats his cum desperately. Then I told him to relax for sometime and I bring something to eat for him. After 15 minutes he is ready again with his tool. During this dhruv's sister shows some nude dance and seductive acts to him. After sometime both of them ready to play the real game. Dhruv's sister was completely blind in lust. It seemed like she was very hungry for sex for long time. She takes him to the bathroom. I didn't go with them in bathroom and I was unaware what they were doing in bathroom. But after few minutes I couldn't stop my self to watch them in bathroom so I slowly opens the door and watch their activities. She was doing very dirty things with him. She was sleeping of the floor and the boy was urinating upon her body specially on face and boobs. They were in so much lust that they didn't even notice me that I was watching them. Few minutes later dhruv's sister starts licking his ass badly. It was disturbing for me so I came back to the hall. By seeing them I also feels erotic but I know the boy was not able to satisfy both of us. So I book a male prostitute by an agent in urgent. The agent tells that he can't send a Nigro or black male prostitute. So I tell him to send whoever is available. Finally he agrees to send two Indian male prostitutes within 1 hour. In due time I went to them and the boy was fucking her vagaina without condom. I want to stop them but they were enjoying so I didn't disturb her. After few minutes the boy releases his cum inside her. But dhruv's sister still not satisfied so I assure her that two men are about to reach us so we sent the boy back and started waiting for the two men. During this I give my nighty to her because she was completely naked. I try to talk with the dhruv's sister that why she did unprotected sex with the boy but she was in so much lust that she was unaware of that. Few minutes later she has started kissing me. It was very difficult for me but still I manages. About one hour later two men around 35 years old reach to us. Dhruv's sister opens the door and welcomes them. Both the boys start conversation politely but we dhruv's sister was in so much lust that she climbed upon them and started kissing one of them. I tell them to have sex with her only. Both the boys remove their clothes and start to kissing her on her body. But she starts begging them to become rough and rude. So both of them start harassing her. Because they were indian so I allow them to be abusive during sex. So they become rough and rude during sex. Dhruv's sister begs them to slap her on face. So they start slapping on her face and ass. But they were little cautious in this. So I free them completely. Now both the men start real play. They start abusing us. Dhruv's sister sucking their penises and they were abusing her in hindi badly. The more they abuse the more she excites and sucks fast. By seeing all the drama I couldn't control myself so I went to them and joined them. I have started to lick the ass of them as I watched it earlier and became disturbed. So dhruv's sister was in front of them and sucking their penises and I was behind them licking their assholes. After few minutes one of them takes dhruv's sister on the sofa and the other one takes me to the another sofa. I bring condoms and we put these condoms on their penises. They start to fuck our vagainas rudely. The moaning sounds of us were become very loud so I try to keep my voice down. But it was very difficult so I surrendered and continue to enjoy. They fuck us badly in multiple positions. They call us Randi Rand kutiya bahanchod madarchod bhosdi ki etc. Around 20 minutes later they release their cum and I take out the cum filled condoms from their penises and keep them aside. This was the first round of sex. And they take 15 minutes break. During break they treat us like servants and we serve food to them. After break dhruv's sister demands for double penetration so I leave the game for her so she can enjoy completely. She demands that they can beat her forcefully and can slap her in full flow. Apart from that she demands to them that they treat her like a bitch and slave. So One men holds her by her hair and takes her to the bathroom. In bathroom he starts beating her in real. He orders her of show her face by holding her hair back and starts slapping her seriously. He slaps her 15–20 times. Her cheeks become red. After this he knocks her down to the floor and starts to rub his feet on her boobs and face. His mate also joins him and both of them rubs her body with their feets. One of them puts his feet in her mouth. One boy puts his toe in her ass and ask her to suck it. She follows all their orders. After this they spit in her mouth and she enjoys it. After this both of them urinate on her body and in her mouth. She drinks their urine. After this both of them start fucking her in both the holes. They fuck her badly in both the holes. When they were about to reach climax they putoff their condoms and fill all their cum in her mouth and force her to swallow it. But she swallows it happily. After this both the men come to the bedroom and take some rest. I go to dhruv's sister and ask her whether she need more sex or I send them. She says she need two more rounds. So I ask her what are the other fantasies she want to perform. She tells me her fantacies. She tells me that she wants to cook for them and serve to them. During this they can play with her body and tease her. After finishing food she will eat from the left over food. I ask her about other fantasy. She tells that she wants to have sex in front of other persons. I assure her that she will enjoy both the fantasies tonight. I go to the boys and explain all the things to them. So they can perform the act nicely. According to the plan dhruv's sister starts cooking for them. She cooks aaloo paratha for them and prepare lassi. During this I send them one by one to her and they press her boobs and smooch her , slaps on her booty and pull her skirt and remove her clothes, fingers in her ass etc. After cooking she serve the food. While they were eating she was sitting near to them on her knees and begging some food. They throw some pieces to her. She demand for the cum filled condoms so she can drink the cum. I give her the that two used cum filled condoms. She has put this cum in a bowl with curd and started eating it. After this drama I set a camera and start a video chat with strangers. I give mask to them so they can hide their faces. I have made a hole in mask about lip size so she can suck their penises. They start fucking her more brutally. This time their performances have increased. I also wanted to join them but I thought I should not disturb her. She was in great pleasure. Her eyes were closed and with every stroke I could see her exhausted and relaxed face. Her body was shivering and she fall asleep nakedly after sex. I do payment to them. It was the good experience and dhruv's sister was very happy and satisfied. 3 months later I told dhruv about this incident. His reaction was very nice. He said everyone has the right to enjoy it's life.

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