After I had gotten out of porn, but was still dating a pornstar, I experienced the biggest cock I'd ever seen. He was hung so large that he ended doing adult film in order to get laid, since all the girls would see his manhood and turn it down out of fear.

I took this extra large cock as a “challenge”. I remember his cock was about four inches wide by eleven long, and about the size of a horse on his 6′2″ thin, athletic frame. I remember how full my pussy felt as I took it slowly inside. I spread and tore a bit, but nothing too drastic that I couldn't handle. Sucking his humongous cock left my jaw muscles sore for a week, and certain positions were a tad bit unpleasant. I do not have access to our sex pics any longer, or I would show you that piece of hard meat penetrating my opening pussy in all its eleven foot glory.

I've also had my pussy fisted. In movies, the talent works to get their pussies to open wide. She fucks herself with dildos and toys until its huge enough for someone's fist to enter. Sometimes two simultaneous, hard cocks get to both bang away at her cunt together until she feels big enough to fist fuck. I had the pleasure of being fist fucked on camera and earlier in my youth when I was fucked repeatedly by a family member who groomed me to be a “party-whore” years ago. I enjoyed the intrigue and the “fullness” I felt inside my pussy. I've also felt that fullness when I had two large cocks ramming my pussy together when I was gangbanged occasionally.

All that being said, I do my exercises to keep my pussy tight. I had my daughter and was stitched up extra tight by a doctor after. The pussy can expand very big if you play with it long enough, and it returns to it's original size once its finished being stretched. The exercises help to keep it tight and to allow pussy muscles to be strong when having sex so that they grip the penis and throb harder against his hard cock inside when fucked. My pussy is amazing and so was my boyfriend's horse-sized cock!

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