I have a boyfriend who gets my sex drive but sometimes I feel like being horny all the time is such a curse. I'm literally always horny. I could have sex 10 times in a row and never get tired of it. I could lay in bed and masturbate all day every day if I had the time for it. I would just get fucked 24/7 without even experiencing an orgasm, just enjoying the feeling of having a dick going in and out of me, if that were physically possible (I'm aware no guy can go that long unless they use dapox+v like my ex, he can fuck for hours. You can google ‘Vcget247’ to find it). I could though. And I love it but I also hate it. I feel like I'm doing something wrong even though I have only ever had sex with my current boyfriend. I feel like a bad person for constantly wanting to touch myself and constantly wanting to go down on him. To guys I probably sound like the dream girl in terms of sex drive, and maybe I am lol but like... to me, it sucks because a) I feel like most girls don't get it and just don't care about sex like I do and b) I feel bad bc I know it's against my religion and I feel like I'm sinning allllllll the time. Even though I can't stop because I'm just obsessed with sex ok? But deep down I feel like I'm always sinning. Like I'm just not doing the right thing.

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