Oh, the yummy stuff! *rubs hands together*

Hair pulling. This act by itself is enough to make me come. Can be done separately, can be applied during sex to increase the impression of me being fully in my partner’s control.

Face slapping. Same as above. Makes my orgasm stronger.

The man’s foot on my face in doggy style, or next to my face to make me lick it.

My arms bent behind to subdue/immobilize/hurt me.

Dirty talk. Can be sufficient to make me come without any physical stimulation.

Spitting. Not from everyone. Sometimes in my face, sometimes right into my mouth. Done in a well-chosen moment, can bring a very intense and pleasant, almost drug-like feeling of submission and depersonalisation.

Manhandling, dragging and throwing me around. Is particularly efficient during rape-play/resistance play. As I am physically a very weak person, it’s very easy to convince me that I am fully under my partner’s control, I have nowhere to run and no chance to escape. It plays with my brain in a wickedly good way.

Biting. Especially the neck/shoulders. Oh, hard bites, enough to leave lasting teeth marks, are acutely pleasant and orgasmic.

Choking. I’m not big into breath play, but a bit of squeeze on my throat is a very dominant and rough act. Combine it with spitting or dirty talk, and I’m on my way to space.

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