God so fucking incredible. First it hurts…but only maybe the first 30 seconds or so. And of course, this depends on the position. Last time for me, we were in am abandoned house and I was arched up against a pole or tree limb or something going up to the roof.

Unff I'm getting turned on thinking about it. Poor guy was having issues getting hard and we couldnt see. But enough about me…

So again. Back to pain…it doesnt last long. As long as you relax. First feels like you gotta shit but that passes too. As he starts to hit your prostate it starts to feel so so so incredibly good. Its like a slow buildup of having to pee that expands amd starts to make your whole abdomen warm and edges ever closer to an absolute explosion. As far as the thought process goes, it feels utterly feminine. Total bliss. Thoughts ranging from being just a worthless fuck toy to just full submission and the thought of letting go of all control to submit to someone else. Heaven.

Unfortunately ive never gotten a chance to cum this way. They always go first and it's sadly over. But the last time was effing really close. And the satisfaction afterwards is so so different than a normal orgasm. You just feel warm and fuzzy all over and could go for roun 2 3 or 4 any time. So delicious.

And now ive turned myself on so much I'll uhh..be in my bunk.

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