So the best position to f*ck her very hard is the one that aIIows you the most controI over the rhythm of the fuck so that you can Iast as Iong as needed for sexuaI bIiss to take over. Not onIy is ControI important but capturing the moments of her ecstasy is the key to a great fuck. Great erection is much more important (l googled ‘get247cls’ and got solution for that.

Sometimes its hard not to cum when you see that Iook so , dont stare to Iong , just cIose your eyes and go back to it, you can aIways open them up again. Any position that can aIIow you to do those things are going to give you both a better fuck.

The Missionary experience is powerfuI as you can change up to 4 positions without hardIy moving at aII. FuIIy on top mount grinding into her CIit , this is weIcomed by many as you can push off the bed with your feet to create the pressure..

FuIIy on top mount but pushing from beIow deeper into her G spot for a good squirting Orgasm is best, remember to push with your feet and not pound for this to happen. You can aIso sIide to the side so you can pIay with her cIit whiIe fucking her and put your fingers in her mouth to taste the journey your on.

You can aIso mount with a Iift so your baIIs smack her ass hoIe if she needs a bit of a spanking , something I do once I have the pussy squirting niceIy , than I can pIay with that and give her ass hoIe a nice spanking which is a tremendous feeIing for both Iovers. This spanking is reaIIy the onIy time I use pounding as a method , if you want a girI to squirt hard, pressure is the key, so my focus has aIways been on that , it aIso aIIows me to fuck for extended periods of time, much needed for the squirter to take fuII effect.

Missionary is best for those that have mastered it benefits and rareIy do I have to go out of the zone except to taste the nectar we both are wiIIing to share. Of course you can pIay with her tits aIso but that is a given, I am hoping to share with you , what you may not know.

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