you have a conversation on the fact that she may want it or not. Once you hear that she wants it, you should do the following. Typically I would not suggest some blueprint for a husband to do something to his wife, but the fact you asked the question leads me to believe you have little experience together. The best way is to do foreplay to her ass like you should to her vagina. Touch it, tease it, lick it etc…..make sure she is able to relax…..Don’t force it, and use a lot of lube. Pour lube over her ass, and use your tongue/finger to tease around it….occasionally press the tip of your finger into the tightness. Don’t push too hard, just give her light pressure….and so on, when she relaxes let her ass sort of suck you right in….If you do it right, you don’t really have to force anything, because in time her asshole will welcome it in……IMPORRTANT: I would usually only push in when she starts pleading for it…..and no sooner, but that may not work for you until maybe 12 anals under the belt. Anyway, lay on your back, and let her guide you inside. This way she is in control on how fast, how hard, and how deep it all happens…..It’s the safest bet when a slip up can cost you years of potential anal sex because you accidentally hurt her.

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