For me, it is the best feeling ever - and that is coming from a guy who only had enjoyable unprotected sex with women until aged 25, then started giving and receiving occasional blowjobs, followed soon after by occasional hookups with guys to fuck them as a no strings top…all the while enjoying healthy heterosexual relationships. But all of that changed when I bottomed for the first time in 2013 and it was bareback too. My lover came heavily inside me a number of times and i came hands free a couple of times too, it was then that I realised that, despite being married to a woman, we rarely had sex and when we did, I did not enjoy it anymore - but I loved it with him. He became my first secret boyfriend, and I have had a few more since. And every time I have sex, I try to ensure as far as possible that he either pulls out and cums on my hole before pushing it all back inside me with his cock - or he just cums hard and deep inside me (my preference)…it feels that good on so many levels.

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