It's the most intense gratifying feeling I've ever experienced. I have incredible body orgasms that make me quiver and shake all over as my lover pentrates me deeper and harder with each powerful thrust he gives me. I moan loudly feeling the masculinity being fucked out of me leaving me feeling like the woman I know I should have been born as. submitting to a strong alpha makes me feel as if we have melted together to form one person.

That moment a man slides his cock into me I arch my back and thrust my hips to accept this throbbing manhood as my eyes begin to roll back in my head, my mouth wide open and my body tingling all over gives pleasures I've never had with a female. the satisisfaction i get from knowing my girly looking body and my tight firm butt can bring so much pleasure to another man just drives me wild. the constant massaging of my prostate by his hard cock makes me leak huge amounts of pre cum and then the moment i feel him release his seed deep inside me gives me such a powerful ejucaltion without ever touching myself. i truly have no desire to ever go back to being with a woman sexually as i now know what a woman feels as an alpha man makes love to her. I'm now much more sexually satisfied being that woman instead of being the alpha male.

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