Very bad.

In fact sometimes I took 2 penises inside but I was almost never comfortable with penis in anus. In beginning my bf wanted to fuck me from.back in anus but after few attempts I declined strictly because I felt very uncomfortable and painful. Later I my husband also wanted to fuck my anus. Without any interest, I agreed to do it only under shower because everything is clean there and I was not feeling so dirty in it. But I could not tolerate after few seconds and asked him to stop.

I could not ask my bf but asked my husband clear why boys are so intrested in fucking anus. For him, it's tightness of anus wall which feels very good for penis and they enjoy fucking a smaller hole with a wider penis. Also fucking anus from back is easier than fucking vagina in doggy style.

But I was not getting any pleasure in it and so avoided it. In fact whenever I did sex with 2 boys I allowed them to fuck my vagina at same time. But I never allowed fucking anus to 2nd boy while 1 boy fucks vagina. Instead taking 2 penises, though difficult, was very exciting and entertaining because my vagina expanded fully ile taking 2 penises inside and it was excellent pleasure.

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