It felt awesome. Me and my former girlfriend were at her apartment, sitting on the sofa cuddling. My penis suddenly gotten rock hard and she noticed it through the athletic shorts I was wearing and she put her hands inside my pants, and started to play with my penis. She asked me if I ever had sex before I told her no then she said to me “I am going to fix that!” So we went into her bedroom took off all of our clothes. She put on a condom then, I inserted my penis inside her, and it was the most incredible feeling. As I was sliding in and out of her her vagina kept on squeezing my penis tight and about a minute later I came in her. Even though I only lasted about 2 minutes. she wanted me take off my condom and put my penis back in. She was fingering herself and he vagina kept on squeezing my penis and as it was squeezing it, she kept moaning lightly, and about 3 minutes later I pulled it out and we gotten dressed.

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