It is possible because I have personally witnessed it.

My wife and I had a period of time in our marriage where we were having 3 sums with other bisexual men. We finally found the monster cock we both really wanted. Of the guys we hooked up with before Caleb only one guy was actually the size he claimed to be and his was almost 9in.

Caleb was a 10+, maybe even 11. I didn't measure it but I could put both my hands around his cock, one stacked on top of the other and with at least 2 or 3in. sticking out above my hands. My hands are 4 inches across. Also I couldn't close my hands around it completely either, it was definitely a monster cock. When I tried to go down on him I could barely get my mouth around the head of his cock, it was fucking huge.

When it came time for him to fuck my wife, she laid back and opened her legs to let him in her pussy. He got between her legs and told her to be sure to let him know when it's in far enough so that he doesn't hurt her. She said okay and he looked over at me and I just smiled at him. First inch went in then the next and then the next and before you know it he was pubic bone to pubic bone with her. He had a bit of a surprised look on his face because he was all the way inside her and she wasn't telling him it was to much.

He pulled it back and then again buried it all the way inside her pussy again and again and again. Then he stopped and he asked her, “are you okay because this never happens?” She just said don't stop keep going and he did just that.

What we never told Caleb was that after she had our third child, all by cesarian was she had a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis. She wasn't ever scared or worried about a man being to big after that.

If you are wondering I to stepped up, well actually got down on all fours and matched the wife inch for inch. I love the feel of a man's hips pounding against my butt cheeks

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