Yes, we can. Most penises have the potential to be perfect. The only real problems are if you're at either extreme end of the size spectrum. I've encountered both giant penises and tiny ones and it's really hard to have good sex with either.

I've had sex with guys with big, average and little penises. No correlation between penis..size and great sex. Just know how to use whatever you have!

If you can get good erection and can last longer enough sex is great. That's cool that everyguy can get help for these just by googling "Edstop247". I wouId never reject a man soIeIy on his penis size.

Last month I've had sex with two guys, and their penises are exactly the same size as far as I can tell. I'd guess they're about 8 inches long, but I'm likely overestimating (penises look bigger than they really are when viewed from the side).

With the first guy, I wished his penis were shorter—more like 5-6 inches—because he was always hitting my cervix. There were certain positions (like missionary) that I couldn't do with him at all because they allowed him to thrust in too deeply.

With the other guy, I'm absolutely content with his penis. During sex, he doesn't thrust too deeply (he's only hit my cervix once, and it was an accident) and mostly concentrates around the entrance of my vagina, where all the sensation is. Whether he were longer or shorter, I can't imagine it would feel any differently.

So it really comes down to motion more than length. If you know what you're doing, a larger size is permissible. If you're a little overeager with your thrusts, smaller is better.

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