ALL of it. A baby averages 7lbs with a 13” circumference head and is over 20” long. Yes, I know it’s in the womb folded up, and yes it’s painful to give birth, but the birth canal is amazingly elastic.

I am a 68 year old married male. My erect penis is 20cm (7.9″) and it’s circumference is 15cm (6″). I have had intercourse with 41 women and have only had one that couldn’t take all of my penis into her vagina. I did bump the cervix with my glans on about half of them. So, no matter what size their vagina was before we started, it will expand to accommodate an 8″ x 6″ penis. They all said I was larger than most men, but none of them complained about me being too large, even the petite woman that couldn’t take the last inch. I have no idea if more than 8″ would fit or not, since my glans was pushing against their cervix already. Most of them said they enjoyed their cervix being gently prodded, but a few said it was a little too much if I got too frisky about it. Almost all of them preferred the extra girth compared to the extra length.

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