Yes I can. Only certain positions allow for it. And it depends on both the woman and the man. For me, it happened mostly with cowgirl (woman on top) position, but was also able to experience it during doggy. Usually, during the cowgirl, she was fully impaled, and not bouncing up-and-down, but rather bucking her hips forward and back. The cervix felt like a nub of firm flesh, almost like a thumb, firmly flicking over the tip/head of the penis. It did not feel good at all as in my case, it was too forceful. However, as a plus, usually the harder and faster sex is, you (man) don’t last as long, so in this case, the ‘negative’ sensation was causing extra stamina. Therefore, she could ride the fuck out of me all she wanted and I wasn’t going to cum early at all.
Also, some women like it and it helps them get off. Some women do not like it and you have to be a little more careful with your hammer. I’ve seen both situations. As stated in George’s answer, a quick flinch or jerk might be experienced, especially if the man is doing the thrusting, at which point, if you are paying attention which you should be during sex, you should quickly stop and ask if that was good or bad;
If good: grab her hair and repeat.
If bad: grab her hair and be more gentle ;-)

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