It feels amazing. It’s a very enjoyable beginning for what is to come once he’s inside me. For me it really begins with that last moment or so before he actually enters inside me. As he moves on top of me I open my legs to allow him between them. Once he’s between my legs I’ll arch my pelvis upward, offering him my most feminine asset, showing him how I want his hard manhood. I’m all tingly with the anticipation of what is about to happen. This is the moment our foreplay is over, the moment our romancing is turning to fucking.

He’ll often tease me at first, rubbing the head of his cock along the length of my slit as he coats it with my love nectar. All the while my mind is begging ‘Put it in…put it in…let me have it inside me.’ Eventually he stops at my entrance and as he presses against I get that awesome feeling as the bulbous head of his cock stretching me open to accommodate him. Just as I feel that ridge around the head slip past my entrance he’ll usually pause a few seconds.

Sometimes he’ll then push a little further into me and then withdraw until just the head is still in. Then he’ll push again, going a little deeper and withdraw. It’s very enjoyable feeling him tunneling into me little by little, pushing the walls of my pussy aside as he goes deeper and deeper with each little push until I eventually have his full length. Yet at the same time it can seem pleasurably frustrating as I’m aching to have all of it in me NOW. My mind is begging ‘Push it in…push it in…I want it all.’ Other times, once the head is in, he’ll slide his full length in with one smooth stroke. I can’t help but gasp in surprise and delight at being so quickly filled with my lover’s hard shaft.

Once he’s in me completely, he’ll stay, grinding his pubic bone firmly against mine. I love this moment of our lovemaking. It allows me to adjust to him being inside me and thoroughly coat his length with my love nectar. Plus, it allows me to relish the feeling of being so completely filled. He’s so hard, so rigid, so dominating…and I have it buried deep inside me. Though he’s actually aimed toward the small of my back I get the sensation that he’s way up in my tummy. Oh, it feels so good. Oh yes…I love that I was made for this, made for pleasing a man, made for him to fuck. As he grinds against me I’ll squeeze and release my Kegels. His deep guttural groans assure me he’s enjoying the silky softness of my pussy caressing his length.

In time he begins his thrusting. Slow, gentle, barely withdrawing at first until he’s doing me with his entire length. From there I just want to show him I’m his girl in need of a very thorough fucking.

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