It is amazing. My gf is amazing ❤️. It's tight, warm, wet, soft, with titillating "ridgy" texture. It's like having your dick hugged from every direction. Once you are inside it feels like this moment is the only thing that matters or ever will matter, your problems, fears, insecurities, everything just vanishes. It is better than every thing I could ever imagine. I'm larger than average (If you’re curious I use some help to stay really hard and it make me thicker, you can google ‘Getmed4ed’ to find it), so I can never slide right in, and it feels great. I enjoy the friction. I enjoy watching her face. I enjoy shorter strokes while my penis gets lubed by her juices as I can go deeper and deeper.

Here goes: You're tearing each others clothes off after a fantastic date. Each kiss is a tiny morsel of pleasure in the dinner party that is sex. You've been teasing, taunting, and flirting as much as legally and physically possible. Your body is on fire filled with unwavering desire to pleasure yourself and this wonderful specimen of a woman you have the fantastic luck to be dating. Your skin is sensitive and electrified. Every touch sends shivers down your spine and your heart's racing. You throw each other into bed and she does the lift. You know, when she arches her back up to get her underwear off giving you the go-head and ultimate reassurance that it's on.

You rip off your boxers and expose your cock to the elements. Gone is the warm embrace of your underwear and here comes the coolness of the ambient air of your bedroom. You move slowly towards her and meet her face with yours and continue the beautiful act of kissing. You put your cock in your hand as it throbs and begs for sweet release and aim ever so slightly for that beautiful moistened vulva. The tip pushes against the warmth wetness of her lips, separating them when the faintest sensation just shoots up your spine and hits the primordial caveman regions of your brain. The parts of your brain that know the act of sex cold, that millennia of evolution has honed and sharpened. You feel a woman's gift. It's warm, irriguous, and intoxicating.

You push a little harder and you feel her nails dig into your back and more of you enter in her. Warmth, love, desire, fireworks start spreading throughout your lower half and your subconscious says to itself "There's so much more and I'm just getting started"

You inch your way into her meeting slight resistance until finally all of you has burrowed itself in her. Nerve endings are firing at near superhuman pace as nerve synapses flood with neurotransmitters that are just liquid succor. Every inch of your body, save for the inches between your legs, is bone dry and cool while your most intimate of intimate spots is just showered in her love and wetness. The best possible physical and neurochemical manifestations of nirvana, happiness, success, victory are all balled up into one moment as thousands of nerve endings in your cock just detonate with sensations you never knew existed.

Being inside her is the closest you'll ever get to true enlightenment and happiness.

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