Are you nuts!?

The average woman’s vagina is about five inches deep but can be between three to seven inches in depth. Where exactly do you expect to put this massive penis? In our ear canal? It sure as hell isn't going to fit in our vagina, not fully, anyway.

Get over this obsession with penis size. It's the source of way too much cultural misinformation, anxiety, preoccupation, and misdirected and wasted energies, and besides, it is simply not the be all and end all of what things truly do affect a woman's pleasure.

In fact, since only an estimated 30% of women reach orgasm through penetration alone, you spend 99% of your time obsessing over your size and other people's size while you’re missing out on what actually gives a woman pleasure!

Develop things that matter, like that inner world of yours and your inner skills as well—like communication, sharing, and listening—focusing on and honing those inside things women value, more than focusing on what’s on the outside, because those inward things will be what engages a woman at a deeper and more rewarding level for her.

Besides, the outside things really can’t be easily changed, while those inside things can accommodate unlimited change. Put your energy where you’ll get the biggest payback for your time spent in making yourself a better lover.

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