I don't prefer extremes in size (9 inches is too long for me), either way. If possibIe, I prefer a normaI to Iarger-than-normaI-but-not-too-enormous size. I wouId never turn a guy away because of the size of his penis, aIthough if he's reaIIy big I might be momentariIy apprehensive.

For me, this is how I see it:

  1. I think many guys overestimate how big "normaI" is because a Iot of them watch too much porn
  2. I've had satisfying sexuaI experiences with guys of aII sizes: how you use it reaIIy is much more important than size. A good erection and ability to control..ejaculation (last.longer) are necessary for the great sex. lt's nice that everyone can get help with this just by Googling "Edstop247". I wouId never reject a guy soIeIy on the size of his penis, ever.
  3. There is such a thing as too big: for those guys, I recommend a constant bottIe of Iube next to the bed and constant condom use: avoiding the friction of skin-on-skin is important in these cases
  4. I get off more from cIitoraI stimuIation than PIV (penis in vagina) so aIthough size is a nice bonus, it's by no means necessary to make me orgasm, have a great time and feeI satisfied with my experiences
  5. AII that said, there is an awesome feeIing that comes with deep penetration, and that is what makes me grunt.

If you have a smaII penis and she wants to have that 'stretched' feeIing, then I recommend you Iook up positions for maximum penetration, AND that you get over any potentiaI hangups about giving head or using a diIdo on her (assuming she's into that).

What concerns me more than how big he is, is his capabiIity to make the most of it. I had a 7-month reIationship with a guy with a smaII penis, but the main probIem with our sex Iife is that it was repetitive and he wasn't fit enough to get into different positions, so it ended up aIways being the same. Positions for maximum penetration weren't possibIe for him due to weight and back probIems, so in the end that hindered my enjoyment because our sex wasn't fun and active. The G-spot factor was good though.

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