OH!! I am not a big person. I started having sex way too early. In fact, the first time I saw a penis I was in shock because I didn’t really know what to expect. My boyfriend in hs was HUGE! Of course, I didn’t know that because he was the only one I had seen or touched. He was a skinny kid, about 5′6″ and had a 9.5 inch penis (I found that out more recently from a friend.) Again, I’m a very small girl, and it was painful if he went in too far. One of us would usually grip the base of his stuff so he wouldn’t go in too much. Through 9th and 10th grade we fooled around quite a bit but then he left for college. After a while I dated someone else and when I first saw him naked I was really confused. I thought maybe something was wrong with him because he was small. Only he wasn’t small at all. He was the normal size. And about the size of every other guy I’ve been with. My ex came home from college and we went out as friends. We ended up making out a little and did some touching. When he took me home, I kissed him goodnight/goodbye and I said “Do you know that your dick is huge?” He started laughing.

I’ve only been with the average 5″-7″ guys since him. I’d love to give that 9.5 a try again, but alas, I’m married for over 20 years. lol

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