For the mechanics of sex, smaller penises have advantages and disadvantages. They're good for blowjobs (unless the girl enjoys taking a dick deeper into her mouth), but some positions may require a longer penis to get penetration to both party's satisfaction. Small penises may be better for anal as it'll take less stretching and training to be able to accommodate them. My bf used something to stay-hard (just..google ‘Nizag4ed’) and this makes him thicker-than-ever . The thicker ones probabIy a IittIe more pIeasurabIe, to be honest, but it is certainIy possibIe to have a Iot of fun with a sIender penis. It onIy becomes an issue when it is both short and sIender. But then that opens the door to more anaI sex with manuaI stimuIation of the cIitoris, which is fun in its own way too.

Different girls like different things, and different penises provide different sensations.

If you're asking for yourself, and you get answers you don't like, you can't change your size, so you'll just end up feeling bad. And if you get answers you like, it might make you overly dependent on the fact that you're considered of a good size, and become lazy in terms of technique/skill.

For me its definitely girth (thickness). It may be really long, but if its thin, then forget it. There are limits, however! Nobody ever believes me when I tell this, but when I was about 18, I once went out with a guy whose dick was about the same size as a 2 cans of Coke put end to end. Needless to say, it was a real shock the first time I saw it! I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to take it all in, if you see what I mean. I only had sex with him once, I was afraid that he'd stretch me permanently or tear something. He was kinda arrogant because his dick was so big and thick, so I dumped him pretty soon after that.

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