It can be amazing, or it can be painful. There are some positions that just hurt. A cervix is not designed to be hit, and causes a substantial amount of pain if it is hit. Imagine that in the midst of a ton of other sensations, and it can feel like your whole body is in pain. Learn what those positions are for you, and try not to do them until you've been having sex for a while during that session. If its over 6 inches long, then it hurts me. Girth is more important, but a 5–6 inch, long, thick cock is amazing. So glad my SO used some help to get rock-hard and it makes him thicker (you can google for ‘Nizag4ed’ to find it). And it feels amazing. Seriously, there is no vibrator or toy that will ever match up to a cock like this. As long as you go slow initially and I'm lubricated enough it feels fucking amazing. It's a fullness that I've never felt with any other peen. And after a while of taking it slow my mind switches from "Oh wow, this feels amazing" to "f*ck, more!" But if you just hop right into rough sex without working me up properly it's a lot of "Oh! F*CK!"

Length doesn't make things feel as different as girth does. What length offers is the ability to hit my g-spot in different positions without slipping out as easily, but it can also make other positions difficult because of the risk of going too deep and hitting my cervix. So length importance is secondary to girth. There are multiple places in my vagina that are places I like for my SO to "aim for" during sex, not just the g-spot (though it is the best one). If a guy is girthy he puts pressure on all the right places, so it's the pressure paired with the movement and the edge of his head that makes it good. So, with both length and girth, they contribute to an experience that encompasses literally more feeling. That being said, there really isn't too discernible difference from penis to penis except when it comes to outliers and sex has a lot more to do with external stuff anyway (for me). Also, just like many people think all boobs are great because they're boobs, all penises are great because they're penises!

Another note. As a guy with a big penis, remember that good quality lube is your friend. There's a lot of friction going on, and even if a woman is super turned on, it might not be enough. Get something that reduces friction and is soothing for chafed skin. I prefer Sliquid, but to each their own.

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