Double vaginal penetration is pretty much exactly what it sounds like two men penetrating one woman's vagina with their penises at the same time

I’ll just come out and say it here, I was deeply surprised and moved by the response from the woman involved the first time I tried double penetration, expecting a long, slow process whereby we would inch into her and she could slowly adapt to having a significantly greater amount of pressure in highly sensitive areas. The reality, to my surprise and enjoyment, was that she took to it quite well, and within the first minute was orgasming multiple times in one long sequence of repetitive orgasms that seemingly never ended.

Double vaginal penetration feels incredible for women.

Ask any woman who’s had the pleasure of feeling this sensation. If she hasn't yet, she might squirm at the idea of two men inside of her, especially if she’s convinced she’s too tight or it will irreparably stretch her out.

These are common objections from women who’ve never had the pleasure of receiving double penetration, but most often they are invalid concerns. Some women, especially those who’ve never given birth or who have less sexual experience feel some discomfort initially, but it usually subsides quickly

Experimenting with sexual taboos can be a HUGE turn-on.

The sexual synergy that manifests out of double vaginal sex is unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

One of the most powerful energies available to humans is sexual energy. In that moment we physically connect our body with that of another person, we connect at much deeper levels.

In conclusion, double vaginal penetration is sensational for ALL involved and is a great way for men to give immense pleasure to their female partner while simultaneously exploring and honoring all facets of their own sexuality.

It’s a feeling unlike any other, and you’re sure to become hooked once you give a try. So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

Enjoy your sexuality liberally and without self-criticism.

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