It is rather a BAD experience. Double penetration is not a practical sexual act for both women and men involved. It should be avoided by women due to these reasons…

  • Faint out - Don’t believe in things shown in porn as they are not close to reality. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be able to handle two guys. You need a lot of core strength for that and then there is also an upper limit for the amount of time you could take in two at a time. It is due to pubic muscles naturally saturating after a while. You may blackout.
  • Poor coordination - It could feel like someone is slapping unrhythmically instead of giving pleasure. It is very less likely that guys would be able to do it in coordination. Porn stars are trained but regular folks are never knowledgeable in this unnatural act. What's supposed to be a pleasant experience will turn out to be a painful one real quick.
  • Bloatness around the genital region - You are likely to feel pain for a couple of days as the muscles around labia region would expand beyond capacity. Your walking stance is likely to change as well for a few days. Sourness could be there and using a cream or lotion may become a necessity.
  • Not trustworthy guys - Most good guys(by looks and character) are never interested in this setup as no man with self respect or no true straight man would feel comfortable in this scenario. You will get blue collar workers or cheapsters who would give it a shot with you. These guys are usually not from good socio - economic background. They may blackmail you as well later on and things could go awry real quick.

My suggestion is to not do it. There would be more pain than pleasure. Plus the soaring down there for a few days would be giving you more memories than the very little pleasure you may have derived. It is not a natural sexual act and there would be more complications than pleasure. Avoid DP always or you will live to regret it.

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