Yes. Twice. And it was great. In 1976 I was 21 and my boyfriend at the time had a new apartment.This s was about a year after i first had anal and i was getting used to it.One day i went over to his new apartment ,he was with his cousin. I never smoked pot,but they were smoking and turned me on to , I had a little buzz going on. Next thing I know we were nude on the floor. I got on top of my boyfriend and started grinding, his cousin had this huge hard cock throbbing, my boyfriend said let him in. I pulled my cheaks apart and invited him in. He used baby oil from the counter, not the best, but it went in. So for about a half hour the both of them kept f*cling me . I screamed with pleasure. My boyfriend came first inside me. But his cousin kept going. 5 minutes later he pulled out of my butt, and wiped it with a towel. And stuck it into my pssy. My boyfriend just lay there suckung my boobs. I was in heaven. 10 minutes later his cousin came inside me. A huge blast, so much that I could feel it .it was hot and started to drip on my boyfriend ,he got pissed at this and started yelling while his cousin kept going . We got up and my boyfriend said that he never said his cousin could cum inside my pssy. That summer I broke up with him and never saw neither one of them again. The next time I was 20 years later and I had been married for 10 years and had one daughter. My husband works for a real estate company. He was with a client and they stopped by the house. I cooked a dinner for the two of them. My daughter was having a sleep over at a pajama party.after we ate we were watching a video on homes and sales. The client made a comment on my boobs. My husband said show them. So I did.we could see the client get a boner .a few glasses of wine and we got loose and stripped. The client lay me down, and with my husband ok the guy started fuking me. With my legs wrapped around him he stood up.and he grabbed my ass and screwed me standing up. My husband stuck his dick in my ass ,and the three of us stating up for 10 minutes, screwed.they put me on the floor and my husband got on the couch . I got on top and started to grind. The client still standing came to the couch and stuck it in. We went on for 20 minutes . A great orgasm. My husband came first inside my pssy . Then the client pulled out and shot spunky cum all over my butt and back. Those were the only two time I have had 2 dicks in me at the same time.

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