Being a highly promiscuous woman, my sex life has always been on a high note since my early college days. I was introduced to next level of sexual experimentation thru porn. Initially I used to watch threesome, gang bangs with shock. Over the time, I started to enjoy the idea and soon decided to give it a try.

Initial days were difficult and I had real difficulties to take in 2 cocks at a time. And as we see in pornos, it isnt easy to get into the flow. Just like anything else, with practice one can master the technique. Not jus the woman also ur partners must be well versed in these techniques.

With more than a decade of experience in sex, it would be a shame to say that I have never been double penetrated.

And I'm proud that, after the initial learning curve, I had been double fucked many times and I truly enjoy each of that experience.

With 2 cocks rhythmically stroking in the pleasure in me, everytime I lose count of my orgasm. Not just DP, I have also tried triple penetration. Pleasure and intense orgams are one part, raw and intense feeling is another which adds another pleasure dimension to the session when I'm with more than 1 guy. I feel dominant and submissive at the same time. Dominant for being able to satisfy more than 1 man at a time and submissive for the obvious reason, I'm being pounded by more than 1 man at the same time.

Bottom line is. Its absolutely pleasurable.

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