My best friend and I had sex with my wife at the same time. She was on top of me, and I had my penis in her vagina. My friend was sitting on the end of the bed, stroking himself. We made eye contact, and I motioned him towards my wife's ass. He lubed up his dick and her anus, positioned himself, and slid inside her.

The feeling of his penis against mine was amazing, but obviously we weren't touching. The layer of skin between the vagina and the rectum is very thin, but it's definitely there. I could feel his cock slide in and out of her, though.

He came before I did, but it was too much for me and I came within a few seconds. My wife was also orgasming at this time.

This was about 38 years ago, and I can remember how good it felt even today. My wife and I occasionally engage in anal sex, but I sincerely doubt that we will ever recreate the moment again.

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