Yes, we worried that it made us gay, but my friend and I both grew up straight.

At 13, he slept over for the first time. We agreed to give each other massages. I rubbed his penis through his briefs and he did the same to me.

A few sleepovers later at the end of the massage, I folded his underwear down and rubbed and stroked his penis. He did the same.

Several nude massages followed at later sleepovers. If we got close to orgasm, we’d say, ‘You better stop now’.

One night he never said stop and before I completely realized what was happening, his body went rigid and his cock throbbed in my fist. Globs of semen poured over my hand and into his ginger pubes. It was kind of gross having his cum on me.

About a half hour later, at the end of my massage, I never told him to stop. I moaned and gasped as my best friend pushed me over the edge. My dick contracted hard and pumped warm jizz out again and again. Seeing it on his knuckles wasn’t at all gross; it was a beautiful sight.

This scenario was repeated dozens of times over the next several years. At first I did it to him so that he would do it to me. It didn’t take very long, though, to figure out that it was pretty fun to make another boy squirm and arch his back, watching the face he makes as he orgasms. Also, there were other boys I asked or they asked me.

We all grew up straight, but it was a fun and educational experience. Seeing my peers’ erections and how they acted when they got horny, and especially when they came, made me feel a lot more normal about my own development and sexual response.

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